Studies and Future Careers



I just realized I haven’t once talked about my studies.

Well, apart from an occasional post here and there on Facebook… but hey, who’s keeping track?

My courses of study are quite boring, or so I’ve been told: this, however, from people who haven’t seen how hard archaic prose and complex syntax get me off.

I study German and Interdisciplinary English/Writing: the German focusing mainly on literature and literary history, the English on the same + literary criticism, and the Writing on the art of rhetoric and authorship; all this, my own dabblings in linguistics and history, and the 18 liberal arts core courses required by my university.

It’s the upper-level philosophies, theologies and ethics that I’m taking during my current year abroad in Germany, in addition to, obviously, German. Unlike some students who study abroad simply to improve their language skills, everything that I do during my year abroad will count towards either my major or my graduation requirements.

I’m a junior, currently in my 6th semester, and should, if all of my requirements are completed without a hitch, be graduating at the end of the 2013/14 spring semester: at which point in time two roads diverge in the yellow wood and I either directly continue my education or work an internship. Whether in Germany or America, simultaneously or not are the minute details that will work themselves out in the coming months.

The goal is a bilingual editing-translating-writing three-way, which is fancy, misleading people-pleasing jargon for a whole lotta freelance.


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