Daily Prompt: My Dream Home



Trials of Hercules

In the gardens of my dream home would stand centerfold a grand mosaic quad depicting, on the border, the Labors of Hercules, full in size, three on each side, with arrows and helmets and owls between scenes, small, but detailed in vibrant colours: the symbols of trials and heroes and gods: imagery that would rival the sagas tiled from the floors to the ceilings of King Ludwig II’s unfinished castle. After The Labors, The Lovers: Orpheus and Eurydice, Andromache and Hector, Pygmalion and Galatea, and Endymion. The deaths of Hyacinth and Achilles. Eos.

I would walk once, twice, a thousand times along the outer balcony of my home: a rectangular platform, garden-encompassing, made of simple white marble, trace the weaving pathways between tree and flower, view the gallery, read The Books, and write.


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