The Individual


Prompt of the day: Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERSONALITY.


Introducing she: the

overtly sarcastic,

the full of charisma

narcissistic sister,

the Lady Gaga,

the upper-class trickster

who, while sipping champagne

from a plastic drink cup,

makes everyone think up

ways that they could be

individual not made-up

things with shiny bobbles

and fake hair:

French poodles at a state fair

all fluffed and puffed,

all shiny and mucked-up

with pretty-colored itty-bitty

cute bits, all socially sanctioned

unindividual individualnesses

who’ve never worn a ratchet

Kermit the Frog dress or slabs

of meat or bubbles and need more

than a spoon-fed, media-baked

personality fruit cake

with enough whipped cream and cherries

as the public sees fit.


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