An Exercise in Thoughtcrime



I do not like black guys because I listen to rap music and I do not support equal rights for homosexual couples because the modern day homosexual agenda has been shoved down my throat and brainwashed me into believing – yes, BELIEVING – that homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. I do not share your opinion on welfare, nor education, nor immigration policy, and I do not appreciate that you would make the assumption that I would.

Let’s talk about norms and how they don’t are. Let’s talk about erecting societal norms like well-funded private schools, and how suburban public fountains trump inner-city park funding, then talk to me about obesity.

Let’s talk about it because I want to. Because I have the right. Because I will voice my opinion.

Because I know the history and I do not appreciate being misrepresented.

Fuck you and your damn tea.


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